My passion for the beauty/cosmetic industry started in 2004. Fresh out of high school, I made the move to Perth to study a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at a leading private college. From there, the opportunities’ literally fell into my lap and led me to where I am today.

I started out in an upmarket busy beauty salon in Fremantle where I quickly realised I wanted to do more than provide massages and waxing. I was lucky enough to have a client who could see I had more passion who then introduced me to a cosmetic Dr who owned cosmetic clinics not only in Perth but around the world.

They took me in and with little to no experience, they trained me. I weaned my way into doing treatments I had never even heard of before, soon opening up the world of cosmetic medicine to me. I gained experience working alongside the Dr in theatre assisting in minor cosmetic procedures, laser resurfacing and cosmetic enhancements.

I was exposed to this industry at a young age and developed the passion and obsession for all things anti-aging and beauty enhancing. It was at this point that I witnessed the treatments that I aim to provide today at Fusion Aesthetics.

After completing as many qualifications as I could in different areas of dermal therapies I knew that to do more I needed to become a registered nurse. So I did! 3 and half years later I achieved this goal and continued to tick many other goals off my list. Even though I signed up for the degree so I could administer ‘Botox’ it’s always been much more than that.

I have gained extensive experience and knowledge with over a decade of being in the industry. I have worked in some amazing clinics and appreciate all the experiences and exposure it has given, but to achieve my final goal and be the best I can be in this industry Fusion Aesthetics was born.

My sanctuary where I put all passion for anti-aging, wellness and beauty enhancing treatments in one place. I pride myself on enhancing and protecting natural beauty, educating on how we cannot fight the aging process but nor do we surrender to it.

Position: Proprietor Fusion Aesthetics


  • Cosmetic Nurse
  • Registered Nurse